Avoid bankruptcy: Monitor your cash flow

Written By: Alice Robinson The goal of any business is to achieve a profit and the reason for this is obvious; if you are operating at a loss, you are getting no financial return for your efforts and where is the good in that? But what people sometimes forget to consider is the state of their cash flows. Sometimes there can be a misconception t ... Read More

Should you get a business loan?

Written by: Alice Robinson Navigating the world of business loans can be complicated and risky, especially for small businesses. If you cannot pay that loan back, it could be the end of you. This is often the reason that small business owners will avoid taking on a business loan but is this fear actually holding them back? It depends on what you a ... Read More

3 Tips for Optimising Your Books

Written By: Bryn Harwood One of the most important functions in your company is your accounts and bookkeeping. There are certain systems and processes which are vital to your accounting function if you want your business to scale and grow. It is common for business owners to hire part time bookkeepers to work these processes and functions but ofte ... Read More

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