Fast Simple Bookkeeping: Is it time for Excel to go?

Written By: Alice Robinson For years people have been turning to excel to do their bookkeeping. Sure, it is great for crunching a few numbers and after years of trial and error you may have the perfect personalised process... but is it really worth all of that time? Here are a couple of reasons that you should close up Excel and move on to the clo ... Read More

The most trustworthy sources for insurance advice

A popular topic of discussion lately has been ASIC's submission into a recent insurance inquiry, indicating that people should be wary of advice providers who are a part of a vertically integrated chain of service. Over the years, ASIC has brought this topic up over and over, warning people of the bias advice that they may be receiving. Vertical ... Read More

Should you get a business loan?

Written by: Alice Robinson Navigating the world of business loans can be complicated and risky, especially for small businesses. If you cannot pay that loan back, it could be the end of you. This is often the reason that small business owners will avoid taking on a business loan but is this fear actually holding them back? It depends on what you a ... Read More

Start the year financially strong

Written By: Alice Robinson Once again, we have reached that time of the year. That time when Gyms everywhere are jumping for joy as they watch some freshly determined people spend way too much on a membership that they will never use. That time when people are looking at their freshly emptied bank accounts and wondering what happened. That time wh ... Read More

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Forecasting Advice from Bryn

Growth Focus is devoted to giving Ipswich and Brisbane citizens top quality business and forecasting advice. Contact us if you would like to try out one of our services. ... Read More

Shelly talks income protection

To see more on our Financial Planning services, click here. ... Read More

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