Fast Simple Bookkeeping: Is it time for Excel to go?

Written By: Alice Robinson

For years people have been turning to excel to do their bookkeeping. Sure, it is great for crunching a few numbers and after years of trial and error you may have the perfect personalised process… but is it really worth all of that time? Here are a couple of reasons that you should close up Excel and move on to the cloud.


At first Excel may appear the cheaper option; until you start calculating the number of hours you spend working on your spreadsheets and building your reports. Apply a price to those hours of work and all of a sudden a cheap process becomes pretty pricey!


There is a certain level of skill required for efficient, effective Excel reporting and acquiring it is an admirable achievement.  However, sometimes it is best to leave the financial reporting to the accounting programs which have been specifically designed to display these specific pieces of data in the most effective and readable way possible.

Backups and Access

Sometimes Excel can start to shut down or lag if documents become too large or complicated. There is always a worry that the program will suddenly shut down, leaving you having to redo hours of work. Cloud based accounting systems are automatically backed up so you never have to worry about loss of data and you can access it anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.

Expert support

Teaching yourself the ins and outs of Excel can be a long and harrowing exercise with many hours spent searching through YouTube tutorials and reading Excel user blogs to guide your way. Using a specialised bookkeeping program means that you surround yourself with a network of support and never have to look far to get your question answered.

So maybe it is time to let Excel go, for bookkeeping purposes anyway. You will be grateful later!

If you would like to work with a bookkeeper who operates with cloud accounting services or would simply like some advice on the best program for you, go to our Enquire&Book page to book a consultation with one of our friendly accountants. Alternatively, give us a call on 3812 1420.

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