Fast Simple Bookkeeping: Is it time for Excel to go?

Written By: Alice Robinson For years people have been turning to excel to do their bookkeeping. Sure, it is great for crunching a few numbers and after years of trial and error you may have the perfect personalised process... but is it really worth all of that time? Here are a couple of reasons that you should close up Excel and move on to the clo ... Read More

Avoid bankruptcy: Monitor your cash flow

Written By: Alice Robinson The goal of any business is to achieve a profit and the reason for this is obvious; if you are operating at a loss, you are getting no financial return for your efforts and where is the good in that? But what people sometimes forget to consider is the state of their cash flows. Sometimes there can be a misconception t ... Read More

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Simplify your bookkeeping with these three tips

Particularly for small businesses, bookkeeping can get complicated. Here are a few ways that you can simplify your books so that you don't have to worry about doubling up, losing information or confusing yourself in any way. Maintain daily records: Updating your books every day may seem time consuming but in the long run it will be far quicker t ... Read More

Start the year financially strong

Written By: Alice Robinson Once again, we have reached that time of the year. That time when Gyms everywhere are jumping for joy as they watch some freshly determined people spend way too much on a membership that they will never use. That time when people are looking at their freshly emptied bank accounts and wondering what happened. That time wh ... Read More

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Save money on your work Christmas party

Written By: Natalia Atapina The festive season is one of the tax department's favourite times of year because tax dollars come from everywhere; even from your business' Christmas party. Something to be aware of is Fringe Benefits Tax which has a way of taking your party's budget and throwing it on its head. So how can you minimise the FBT on your ... Read More

3 Tips for Optimising Your Books

Written By: Bryn Harwood One of the most important functions in your company is your accounts and bookkeeping. There are certain systems and processes which are vital to your accounting function if you want your business to scale and grow. It is common for business owners to hire part time bookkeepers to work these processes and functions but ofte ... Read More

The Growth Focus Financial Services

Written By: Alice Robinson We thought it was time we remodelled our look to suit our vibrant and innovative culture; allow us to introduce to you, Growth Focus: your Brisbane and Ipswich financial service. Our new design is straight forward, sleek and modern; just like our services. Our name has also been simplified to really target what our busin ... Read More

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