Missed E-Tax? You Need a Tax Accountant

Written By: Bryn Harwood

Individual tax return deadlines are approaching! If you need to lodge your personal income tax return, you need to know: from the 31st of October E-Tax returns will no longer be available. This leaves you with the option of lodging your returns with a tax accountant.

What should you look for from your tax agent?

  • Make sure you have a registered accountant before you engage them to do your work.
  • You want a company that will give you high quality advice, who will maximise tax returns and who will give supportive financial assistance. Does your accountant offer additional services such as financial planning, mortgages, business accounting etc.?
  • Check the professional qualifications of the accountant and firm you are looking to employ. Are they members of IPA, CPA or CA?
  • Will the firm work for you, providing ongoing accounting support, advice and guidance?

These are some of the things you should consider when choosing a tax agent to prepare your return. Growth Focus is more than happy to provide you with a tax return quote for your work if you are looking at engaging a registered tax agent to prepare your tax returns.

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